Mama Africa (Culture Shock Pt 2)


So what comes to your Mind when you
think about URI SAWA, The Student Org?

When I think about the Student Alliance for the Welfare of Africa (SAWA),
I think about placing our continent under a positive light for all who study at URI and the community. We do this by letting our voices to be heard, we portray our voices through different type of events to help people understand our culture.
When I think about SAWA, I think of inspiring a tender compassion within everyone towards the issues affecting the continent and her people.

All my life, I have heard so many negativities about Africa. The news is always teeming with bad things about this continent; that Africa is wrought with civil wars, Africa is riven with racism, it’s a breeding ground for exotic tropical diseases, famine, corruption,
and most of all, major African cities are crime ridden.


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