The weather was gloomy that afternoon, it was bright outside but the sun had vanished, the clouds took over and damn it started raining. What is all this about? Could it mean something bad or what!

“Cherish, where are the car keys? Don’t forget we have a date today with the girls. Oh man, I cannot wait to eat at the Chinese; it has been awhile since we went to Sweeten Eat It All.” Chandelle continued.

Look,” Cherish yelled. I’m not sure about this hanging out thing right now. I’m having doubts.”

Come on Cherish, stop playing with me girl and grab your keys. We need to start going; please don’t spoil the day for me sweetheart.”

Just go in the room and take the keys. And to make things clear, you will be going alone, I am not leaving this house this minutes or the next. I…

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2013 Taught me

JANUARY taught me to go after what I want and follow the rules I set for myself.

FEBRUARY taught me to learn to ask questions instead of assuming that people care.

MARCH taught me to be bold and allow myself to do fierce things for the first time in my life.

APRIL taught me to get over things as quickly as they happen. Pain is never everlasting.

MAY taught me how to take risks and be comfortable.

JUNE taught me how to let me hair down and feel amazing in my own skin. I learned to regain my freedom and erase menaces of out of my life.

JULY taught me how to finally say NO and GOODBYE with an audible voice.

AUGUST taught me that fun won’t come to me until I stop being a grandma. In August, I allowed myself to enjoy life in all senses of the word and to be thankful for everything that I am.

SEPTEMBER taught me to embrace my flaws rejoice in the beauty of things because I AM beautiful. All of me is beautiful, sensual, precious and unique. I am a Child of God, I am BLESSED and I deserve good things. I learned to smile more and give every bit of myself with no regrets. I learned that what is heaven sent will always be that, no matter what. Fate has a way of finding its own way of working things out and I learned to believe that, as I finally let go and let God. In September, I learned to trust, without walls, without defenses, without games, but with love and understanding.

OCTOBER taught me that until I start doing what I love, I will always be miserable. This month taught to stop jumping to conclusions and start giving people the benefit of the doubt.

NOVEMBER taught me to always stay classy.

DECEMBER REMINDED me how much FAMILY and FRIENDS are crucial and important to one’s life. I learned to be more responsible, guard my mind, body and soul. I got used to cherishing what came freely by having no regrets. I learned that keeping myself sane and being a strong individual, as well as a fierce lady striving toward succes is the true key to keeping myself happy. This last month taught me to be PROUD in my gift of writing that God bestowed upon me. I may not be everything or have everything, but I have been blessed with the most important people and things in my life and that’s better than anything else I could’ve ever imagined.

As I’m excited for 2014, I hope it is everything I am praying it will be. I hope this new year coming is the start of something extraordinary in my life. I hope it is a year filled with nothing but joy, graces in abundance, love, trust and infinite success. I pray 2014 is different and more beautiful than any year I have been blessed to live. If there will be tears, please God, let them be tears of happiness.
Happy New Year my brothers and sisters. Wishing you all a year led by God himself and His angels. Be good to yourselves!!!

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