Speaking of Love

My Kind of Love … Something that some people may never get to experience
The real kind of love that happens once in a lifetime
Love in its purest form
Love as deep as it could go
The kind that will keep you alert and ready to give more
You know the kind that has your toes curling in anticipation because you miss him so much
Miss him before he even leaves the room
For a long time I fabricated this story in my mind and wished I would live it one day… I still do
Speaking of LOVE,
A bright beam of Light that lingers and is brought to your soul
Becoming One with the one to whom you will
Vow to always be faithful to; even in the
My Kind Of Love…
For me it is… seeing that person as the the definition of a best friend and a lover
The difference between right and wrong
The thin line between love and hate
It is looking into that his eyes and seeing myself in a different light
Seeing that he inspires me in a life changing way
The reason I have hope
The reason I go to bed each night dreaming
The one who ignites passion and fire inside of me
The blessing and curse that takes a hold of my whole existence
The one whose voice plays in my head, even when he’s away
The one who invades my thoughts
Whose scent tickles the tip of my nose
My ultimate treasure
The one I will be thankful to have
The one that will fill me up with joy
The one that will be sent to me from above
The one whom I’ll never let go of…
My kind of love is being so infatuated with him that I wouldn’t think of being drawn to anybody else
My kind of love is letting him have the ability to make me smile, gush and happy by doing the smallest most meaningful things in an effortless way
My kind of love is embracing both our pasts and being able to grow from it
Journeying together
Experiencing love together
Sharing ourselves shamelessly with each other
Listening and Loving each other despite the flaws,
Trusting that we’ll never hurt each other on purpose
My kind of love is giving myself to him
Listening to his dreams and pains as they were mine
Show him the other side of life, the happy one
And that by my side, he will never experience pain again
It may be a long shot but as I am thinking of my kind of love
I am seeing how much of me I have to offer
As I am remembering love, I am also remembering that it is …
My definition of near perfection
My Sweet Persuasion
MY Brown Sugar,
The person with whom I will be able to share defining moments with
The one who as fate will have it will be just that… THE ONE. MY ONE.
Speaking of love, I guess I know my kind of love. Do you know yours?

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